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Vattenfalls pris för bästa doktorsavhandling 2017 - Tobias Kampmann
Vattenfall's award for best doctoral dissertation 2017 - Tobias Kampmann Photo: Richard Renberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Vattenfall's award for best doctoral dissertation

Published: 15 November 2017

Tobias Kampmann, Ore Geology, won the 2017 award for best doctoral dissertation at Luleå University of Technology. The thesis "Age, origin and tectonothermal modification of the Falun pyritic Zn-Pb-Cu- (Au-Ag) sulphide deposit, Bergslagen, Sweden" determines the age and origin of the ore in the Falu mine.

"I was very surprised when Vattenfall's CEO called me and notified me that I would receive this prize. I feel incredibly honored that my work is rewarded in this way", says Tobias Kampmann who now receives a prize money of 75 000 SEK.

Photo: Lulefotograferna
Photo: Lulefotograferna


Motivation of the jury

Tobias Kampmann has combined structural geology and 3D modelling of the bedrock with modern geochemical and mineral chemical analytical methods to improve our geological understanding of the sulphide ore in Falun, historically one of Sweden's most significant mines. The results increase our understanding of the generally complex geology that surrounds the ores in Bergslagen, thus directly benefiting all future exploration in this classic ore district. The study also demonstrates that the potential for discovering new ore deposits is good in Bergslagen.

In his dissertation, Tobias shows that the ores at the Falun deposit were formed about 1.9 billion years ago by enrichment of metals in the seafloor under an ancient ocean. In addition to defining the age of the ores using U-Pb geochronology, their geometric shape at depth and their origin were also modelled in 3D.

Despite the complexity of the material, Tobias has creatively and independently tested and analyzed the ore and its surrounding bedrock, and demonstrated the connection between metals, minerals, rocks and ore types. The work is well-structured and comprehensive, with analytical work combined with field work in a confident way, demonstrating a genuine understanding of ore geology. The work is well-written and has been presented at LTU, the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU), and CODES (Center of Arc Deposit Studies, University of Tasmania, Australia) in an exemplary way.

Four scientific articles submitted to four highly rated international journals in the field of ore geology (Mineralium Deposita, Ore Geology Reviews, Economic Geology, Precambrian Research) are the results of his research. Three of the articles have already been published and the fourth is under review.

The subject of the thesis is of great relevance to mining and exploration companies, as well as for the research community, as similar processes to those that once created the Falun ores are currently active in, for example, the Japanese Sea. The methodology used in this work provides an important basis for analyzing the bedrock at depth in order to assess the mineralization potential of an area.

Tobias Kampmann has been a PhD student in the research subject of Ore Geology at the Division of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering. He has been supervised by Prof. Pär Weihed (LTU), Prof. Michael Stephens (SGU) and Dr. Nils Jansson (LTU).

Tobias Kampmann

Tobias Kampmann, Associate Senior Lecturer

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