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Ore Geology

Without metals and minerals, it simply would not work. The search for metals and minerals is intensifying, as the global human population is increasing.

More and more people need to share the natural resources. This search for metals and minerals, or mineral exploration, is vital for the understanding of where and how ore deposits are formed. Geological, geochemical and geophysical methods are used within mineral exploration.

Ore geology means that you learn to understand the processes that concentrate metals and minerals in the crust, you learn the methods used to find mineable deposits, and you learn to translate theory into practice. The latter is very important since ore geologists often spend a lot of time in the field, sometimes in exotic locations.

Franska journalister Photo: Richard Renberg
French journalists visited the university

Today Luleå University of Technology was visited by journalists from some of France's largest daily newspapers. They were invited to report on the world-unique green initiatives that are currently being implemented in northern Sweden.

Photo: Pixabay
Mining tailings are being upgraded – in order to capture carbon dioxide

The industrial green transition causes a larger-than-ever demand of metals. Now researchers at Luleå University of Technology will identify for the first time the potential of typical Swedish mine tailings, to be utilized and beneficial for the climate. In this project, researchers will investigate the potential of typical Swedish mine tailings to capture and store (CCS) by using tailings from Boliden Mineral, LKAB, and Copperstone Resources. Two different CO2 sources will be used, industrial emissions and direct air capture (DAC).

Swedish School of Mines

Research, education and infrastructure across the entire value chain of minerals and metals

Virtual Reality Lab - Lulea University of Technology Photo: Gustav Jansson
Virtual Reality Lab

Used in areas such as in construction, architecture, ore geology, mining and rock engineering.