Tribology Days 2018

27 - 28 Nov. 2018
Sandviken, Sandvik Coromant
Published: 11 June 2018

Tribology days 2018 will be held at Sandvik Coromant, Mossvägen 10 in Sandviken on 27-28 November 2018.

Program overview

27 November
10.00 Coffee and registration
11.00 Introduction and presentations from Sandvik Coromant
12.00 Lunch
13.00-17.00 Presentations about current tribology R & D
19.00 Dinner

28 November
08.30 Presentations about current tribology R & D
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Guided tour at Sandvik Coromant
15.00 End of meeting


Susanne Norgren, Sandvik Coromant
“Tribology at Sandvik Coromant”

Damien Joly, Sandvik Coromant
"Effects on Microstructure of Compacted Graphite Iron Tribological Strategy"

Pouria Valizadeh Moghaddam, Luleå University of Technology
“Effect of load, duration and surface roughness on friction and wear during TiAlN sliding against 316L stainless steel”

Jens Hardell, Luleå University of Technology
“Adhesion tendency of PVD TiAlN coatings at elevated temperatures during reciprocating sliding against carbon steel”

Zlate Dimkovski, Halmstad University
“Parameter screening for predicting the surface performance of rolling sliding contacts”

Andreas Almqvist, Luleå University of Technology
“Modelling and simulation in Tribology”

Sajid Alvi, Luleå University of Technology
“High temperature tribology of spark plasma sintered CuMoTaWV high entropy alloy”

Hari Vadivel, Luleå University of Technology
“Effect of UHMWPE particle size on its properties, processability, and tribological performance”

Vuokko Heino, VTT Tampere, Finland
”Tribological performance of AM tool steel in contact with aluminium alloy at elevated temperatures”

Ben Beake, Micro Materials Ltd., UK
“High temperature nanomechanics as a tool to improve hard PVD coating performance” and also the presentation
“Nano- and micro-scale impact testing of hard materials”

Niklas Rom, Comsol AB
“New technology brings tribology simulations to the masses”

Thomas Norrby, Nynas AB
“Naphthenic Specialty Base Oils – Superbly Suited for Industrial Lubricants Needs”

Jonas Ståhl, SKF
“Transient TEHL algorithms for conformal contacts in multibody simulation”


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