Tobias Hultqvist
Tobias Hultqvist

Tobias Hultqvist

PhD Student position
Luleå University of Technology
Machine Elements
Machine Elements
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 493592
E840 Luleå

Briefly about me and my research: During the end of my MSc in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in machine design, I had the opportunity to write my master’s thesis at the division of Machine Elements, where I dived into the interesting field of tribology. Here, I continued as a PhD student in a project related to crankshaft roller bearings under supervision of Professor Roland Larsson, where my main focus is simulation of elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) under transient loading conditions.

Specialities: Machine elements; Tribology; Numerical simulations; Product development; Computer-aided design; Programming.

You can also find me on LinkedIn and ResearchGate.


Article in journal

Influence of lubricant pressure response on sub-surface stress in elastohydrodynamically lubricated finite line contacts (2019)

Hultqvist. T, Vrček. A, Prakash. B, Marklund. P, Larsson. R
Journal of tribology, Vol. 141, nr. 3
Article in journal

Micro-pitting and wear assessment of engine oils operating under boundary lubrication conditions (2019)

Vrček. A, Hultqvist. T, Baubet. Y, Björling. M, Marklund. P, Larsson. R
Tribology International, Vol. 129, s. 338-346
Article in journal

Elastohydrodynamic lubrication for the finite line contact under transient loading conditions (2018)

Hultqvist. T, Shirzadegan. M, Vrček. A, Baubet. Y, Prakash. B, Marklund. P, et al.
Tribology International, Vol. 127, s. 489-499
Article in journal

Energy harvesting from raceway strain in rolling element bearings

Häggström. F, Hultqvist. T, Delsing. J