Published: 22 April 2006

Tribolab is the research laboratory at the Division of Machine Elements with state-of-the-art tribological test facilities. Both research projects as well as industrial contract research project are carried out in Tribolab.

What Tribolab does

Tribolab carries out tribological characterisation of materials and lubricants under different operating conditions. This leads to reduced failures and breakdowns due to reduced wear ad friction as well as improved lubrication. Tribolab can also perform simulations and modelling connected to laboratory tests.
All companies that deals with questions related to wear, lubrication, friction, and maintenance in industrial processes benefit from the competitive advantage that Triboab offers. Knowledge and good analytical capabilities reduce costs and increase the quality and robustness of components.

Tribolab is expanding

Tribolab is continuously being expanded with the aim of being one of the world’s leading research laboratory for tribological research and development. Tribolab is unique thanks to its close cooperation with industry and the financial ability to maintain cutting-edge competence and world-leading measurement and testing equipment.

What we offer

Tribolab carries out commissioned projects and joint research and development projects, and holds courses and seminars in tribology, rheology, and maintenance and condition control.
- specifies and carries out relevant measurements.
- carries out fast, accurate measurement assignments with unique equipment based on international requirements.
- raises the level of knowledge through interaction between companies and the university’s research activities.

Tribolab also provides access to a network between companies and universities, which results in new knowledge, contacts with companies and the possibility to design major joint projects.

TRIBOLAB test equipment