Advanced Engineering Surfaces, metrology, function and manufacturing (2014)

Publicerad: 11 oktober 2013

Kursen Advanced Engineering Surfaces, metrology, function and
manufacturing ges vid Högskolan i Halmstad den 16-18 september 2014.

A course focused on the manufacturing of modern surface struc-
tures to enable low friction, wear resistance and economically and
sustainable production.

The course will demonstrate and exercise areal characterisation
methods for feature description and scale dependent characterisa-
tion using fractal- and area scale methods in accordance with the
recent ISO 25178-2 standard. Concepts and application of plateau
surfaces as well as textured- and multi-scale surfaces for func-
tional improvements will be exempli ed and discussed in detail.
To complete the surface loop from characterisation and function,
manufacturing issues towards economical and sustainable realisa-
tion of the surface structures will be the nal part completing the
aims of the course.

The course will be given in co-operation between Halmstad Uni-
versity and KTH, in Halmstad using a combination of lectures,
practical demonstrations and hands-on activities. Lecturers from
academia and industry will cover the topics and the course will
have access to the Halmstad "Rydberg laboratory" for practical
surface characterisation and functional testing.