Simulations in Tribology (2013)

Publicerad: 11 oktober 2013

Kursen Simulations in Tribology ges 5-7 november 2013 vid Luleå Tekniska universitet.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  •  understand the fundamentals of lubrication theory under-stand the possibilities and limitations of simulations in tri-bology
  •  understand how to model full lm and mixed lubrication know how elastohydrodynamic lubrication is modelled and
  • how models can be used for simulations of gear teeth contactswrite a computer program which solves the lubrication the-ory equations
  •  know about multilevel/multigrid techniques and how theycan be applied to accelerate numerical integration and thesolution process for partial di erential equations
  •  write your own multilevel solver for 2D partial di erentialequations such as the Poisson equation and the Reynolds equation for iso-viscous  ow between rigid bodies.