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Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces (2012)

Publicerad: 28 februari 2012

You will gain basic understanding of contact and non-contacting metrology technologies in 2D and 3D (mechanical and optical 2D- as well as 3D profilers), with main focus on characterisation of surface texture including geometrical form, waviness, roughness and imperfections.


When you have finished the course you will be able to:
-  understand the workflow needed in order to design the “optimal” process route towards measurements and documentation of tribology testing 
- understand fundamentals of 2D and 3D characterisation concerning pre-processing, filtration, segmentation and parameterisation of engineering surfaces.
-  understand limitations and possibilities with the current metrology framework (hardware and software) in conjunction with practical applications in tribology.
-  be able to use the surface topography characterisation in your own research.
-  be familiar with current research in the field.