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Multiple examinations and new courses

Published: 14 October 2013

It has been an eventful autumn where several students from the reserach school have published their dissertations.

Peter Forsberg at Uppsala University presented his thesis Combustion valve wear - A tribological study of combustion valve sealing interfaces September 20.

Gregory Simmonds at Luleå University presented his thesis Journal Bearing Design, Lubrication and Operation for Enhanced Performance on September 27.

Kim Berglund at Luleå University presented his thesis Predicting Wet Clutch Service Life Performance on 4 October.

In addition, a number of PhD defence presentations take place in the near future. November 22, Saeed Abbasi and Yi Zhu at the Royal Institute of Technology will present their theses. On November 21 seminars are given by the opponents of these theses.

Shaojie Kang at Luleå University present his Licentiate thesis Colliding asperities: a tribological event on micro scale on Friday October 18.

Two new courses are also imminent. The course Simulations in Tribology given at Luleå University on 5-7 November and Advanced Engineering Surfaces, metrology, function and manufacturing is given at Halmstad University on 21-23 January 2014. More information is available under the advanced courses.