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Swedish Research School in Tribology

Published: 13 January 2009

Tribology is an interdisciplinary scientific field focused on the interworkings of loaded areas which move in contact with each other.

At it roots, this includes the study of friction, lubrication, and wear which have major implications to most engineering applications be it the contact between a car tire and the road, the lubrication of machines both large and small, or even manufacturing processes in wide ranging industries from computers to energy.

The goal of the research school is to provide researchers with a comprehensive education in the field of tribology through an organized collaboration between several universities and organizations.

The school offers graduate students and members of industry the opportunity to participate in a variety of courses on specific topics with lectures given by esteemed international experts.  Additionally as a part of the school doctoral students are given the opportunity to study abroad at a university whose focus is within their research area for a period of 2 to 6 months following completion of their licentiate exam (or equivalent).



The primary objective of the research school is to provide graduate students with a strong international competence within the field of tribology.

Swedish industry is in need of highly capable scientists and engineers to better help them improve processes and compete in the global marketplace.  The research school aims to provide industry with doctoral graduates who have this level of competence in the field of tribology to help keep Swedish industry in the lead worldwide.