Dr Pieter Baart

PhD Pieter Baart

Pieter Baart disputerade den 22 September 2011. Pieters avhandling hade titeln “Grease Lubrication Mechanisms in Bearing Seals”.

Cars and trucks contain rolling bearings to enable rotation of the wheel while carrying the load of the vehicle. Reliable operation during hundreds of thousands of kilometres has to be guaranteed by grease lubrication. This only works well when contaminants like dirt and mud are kept out by the bearing seals. The bearing seals are therefore crucial parts. The work presented in the PhD thesis focuses on the interaction between the grease and the bearing seal performance, i.e. how the grease helps in the exclusion of contaminants and how a lubricant film in the sealing contact can be maintained. This is done through a study on the grease flow behaviour and the migration of contaminant particles through it. A theoretical model has been developed to predict the time the grease is able to lubricate the bearing seal with a minimum film thickness. The knowledge on grease lubrication mechanisms in bearing seals is intended to be included in advanced models and is used to optimize bearing seal design.


Pieter Baart thesis was supervised by Prof. Braham Prakash (LTU) and Dr. Piet Lugt (SKF Engineering Research Centre, the Netherlands).

The thesis opponent was Prof. Richard F. Salant, Georgia Power Distinguished Professor (Georgia Institute of Technology). The grading committee members were Prof. Bo Jacobson, Emeritus Professor (Lund University), Prof. J. M. Franco (Huelva University, Spain) and Prof. Ille Gebeshuber (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia & Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

Thesis: “Grease Lubrication Mechanisms in Bearing Seals”


Sidansvarig och kontakt: Pär Marklund

Publicerad: 10 oktober 2011

Uppdaterad: 22 oktober 2014


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