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TRIBOS-master first as joint degree

Published: 8 February 2017

The master program in tribology, TRIBOS-Master, has now become the first joint degree at Luleå University of Technology. The program is part of the Erasmus Mundus and is entitled Joint European Master in Tribology of Surfaces.

– We are very pleased that we after several years of work finally reached the goal of this process of creating a joint degree. Cooperation between the consortium and the departments and professional services at LTU have been very important to succeed, says Nazanin Emami, Professor of Machine Elements and coordinator for TRIBOS-master.

– Luleå University of Technology is in addition to being a national operator also active in the global context. Therefore it is important that we safeguard our international cooperation with leading partners and start new collaborations at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. What this process has taught us is that we at the university together can be more effective in terms of clear guidelines and recruitment for our international programs, says Johan Sterte, Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

The consortium includes prominent universities in tribology and consists of Luleå University of Technology and the universities of Ljubljana (coordinator), Leeds and Coimbra. TRIBOS-master is a two-year Erasmus Mundus Master program covering several disciplines in tribology. The consortium started in January 2012 and the first students began in 2013. Now it has developed into a joint degree between the different universities.

– We have very dedicated and talented students in the program from all over the world that after their education continued with doctoral studies or gotten jobs in the industry, says Nazanin Emami.

This is how former Swedish National Agency for Higher Education described the concept of joint degrees:

"The purpose of joint degrees is that a number of universities come together and provide a common education which also leads to a joint degree. This will provide collaborative benefits for the education, give students more choice and help strengthen the international dimension of education. The question is driven very active in Europe as part of the Bologna process. It is hoped that joint degrees will be able to contribute to the overall objective of establishing the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) i.e. a competitive zone of higher education. "

– I would like to especially thank my colleagues in the Division of Machine Elements, as well as the Head of Department and Head of Education in the Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics. They have been very positive and supported the program throughout the process. I also want to send a warm thank you to the University’s legal office, Office of Education and Research, Student Services and the Graduation Office at Luleå University of Technology, says Nazanin Emami.


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