World-leading research becomes world's leading business idea

Published: 4 December 2014

Emil Svanberg and his colleagues at LTU Business helps researchers, students and staff at the university to commercialize their ideas and results. One such example is a new type of lubricant developed by researchers at the university.

You are helping scientists to commercialize a new type of lubricant?

- In short, this is because we complement scientists with what we are good at. As part of the LTU Business offer to researchers, staff and students, I have developed a commercialization strategy for the invention. I have also helped to find funding for the initial cost of patents and assisted in negotiations with funding agencies. Based on insights into the commercialization strategy, I helped the researchers to develop a plan that we now have financed by VINNOVA. I have led, coordinated and conducted much of the work, while all decisions are owned by the researchers.

When is the market launch date?

- It can go very quickly reach first commercial application. In this case, the results were very mature and there is strong interest from commercial operators. To achieve broad market penetration with many applications in many markets will, as it always does, to take considerably longer.

What do you think about the market potential?

- It is very large. To identify in detail and quantify the market potential is part of our ongoing commercialization projects, but it is an invention with global implications of a multi-billion.

Should we wait until the patent gone through before launch?

- We usually vice versa recommend that you wait as long as possible with patenting and that only patented then it creates a clear added value for commercialization. Many times, a trade secret to be a better solution. The key is that all handling of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), including patents, are made to strengthen the business opportunity you are aiming towards.

Emil best kommersialseringstips to researchers or students:

1. Enlist the help!
Talk with LTU Business and do it early, perhaps even when you sketch on new projects.

2. Commercialization does not mean that everyone has to become entrepreneurs in a startup.
LTU License commercialize for you!

3. Patents are not the same as commercialization.
Ask yourself whether, and if so, why patents are important to you?

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