Mattias Grahn
Mattias Grahn

Mattias Grahn
C168 Luleå

Research interests

Our research interests entails  traditional chemical engineering and applied surface chemistry.

Currently one focus area is on developing novel zeolite materials in the form of membranes, adsorbents and catalysts for efficient separations and reactions.  We combine experimental techniques and modelling with the aim to understand how these materials function and how they would operate in industrial scale applications.

We also develop novel environmentally friendly lubricants with the aim of reducing the reliance on fossil resources and pollution to the environment, this work is done in collaboration with colleagues at the Division of Machine elements here at LTU.


Artikel i tidskrift

Small ZSM-5 crystals with low defect density as an effective catalyst for conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons (2020)

Grahn. M, Faisal. A, Öhrman. O, Zhou. M, Signorile. M, Crocellà. V, et al.
Catalysis Today, Vol. 345, s. 136-146
Artikel i tidskrift

A smart friction control strategy enabled by CO2 absorption and desorption (2019)

Hua. J, Björling. M, Grahn. M, Larsson. R, Shi. Y
Scientific Reports, Vol. 9, nr. 1
Artikel i tidskrift

Recovery of l-Arginine from Model Solutions and Fermentation Broth Using Zeolite-Y Adsorbent (2019)

Faisal. A, Holmlund. M, Ginesy. M, Holmgren. A, Enman. J, Hedlund. J, et al.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol. 7, nr. 9, s. 8900-8907
Artikel i tidskrift

Stability of colloidal ZSM-5 catalysts synthesized in fluoride and hydroxide media (2019)

Nabavi. M, Zhou. M, Mouzon. J, Grahn. M, Hedlund. J
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Vol. 278, s. 167-174
Artikel i tidskrift

Ultra-thin MFI membranes with different Si/Al ratios for CO2/CH4 separation (2019)

Yu. L, Fouladvand. S, Grahn. M, Hedlund. J
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Vol. 284, s. 258-269
Artikel i tidskrift

Alkali enhanced biomass gasification with in situ S capture and a novel syngas cleaning (2018)

Part 2: Techno-economic analysis
Carvalho. L, Furusjö. E, Ma. C, Ji. X, Lundgren. J, Hedlund. J, et al.
Energy, Vol. 165, nr. Part B, s. 471-482
Artikel i tidskrift

Lignin from Hardwood and Softwood Biomass as a Lubricating Additive to Ethylene Glycol (2018)

Mu. L, Wu. J, Matsakas. L, Chen. M, Vahidi. A, Grahn. M, et al.
Molecules, Vol. 23, nr. 3
Artikel i tidskrift

Ultra-thin MFI membranes for removal of C3+ hydrocarbons from methane (2018)

Yu. L, Grahn. M, Hedlund. J
Journal of Membrane Science, Vol. 551, s. 254-260
Artikel i tidskrift

Zeolite MFI adsorbent for recovery of butanol from ABE fermentation broths produced from an inexpensive black liquor-derived hydrolyzate (2018)

Faisal. A, Zhou. M, Hedlund. J, Grahn. M
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, Vol. 8, nr. 3, s. 679-687

Additives to Improve Tribological Properties of Ionic Liquid as Base Fluids (2017)

Nyberg. E, Grahn. M, Minami. I
Paper presented at : 72nd STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Atlanta, GA, May 21-25 2017