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Analysis of Vibration Signals of Drivetrain Failures in Wind Turbines for Condition Monitoring (2021)

Gómez. M, Marklund. P, Strombergsson. D, Castejón. C, García-Prada. J
Experimental techniques (Westport, Conn.), Vol. 45, nr. 1, s. 1-12
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Coumarin derivative trigger controlled photo-healing of ion gels and photo-controlled reversible adhesiveness (2021)

Wang. L, Ma. X, Wu. L, Sha. Y, Yu. B, Lan. X, et al.
European Polymer Journal, Vol. 144
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Effect of humidity and counterface material on the friction and wear of carbon fiber reinforced PTFE composites (2021)

Johansson. P, Marklund. P, Björling. M, Shi. Y
Tribology International, Vol. 157
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Hollow IF-MoS2/r-GO Nanocomposite Filled Polyimide Coating with Improved Mechanical, Thermal and Tribological Properties (2021)

Wu. J, Yin. X, Mu. L, Feng. X, Lu. X, Shi. Y
Coatings, Vol. 11, nr. 1
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Influence of Lubrication, Tool Steel Composition and Topography on the High Temperature Tribological Behaviour of Aluminium (2021)

Decrozant-Triquenaux. J, Pelcastre. L, Prakash. B, Hardell. J
Friction, Vol. 9, nr. 1, s. 155-168
Doktorsavhandling, sammanläggning

Ionic Liquid Lubricants for Space Applications (2021)

Nyberg. E
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Ionic Liquids as Performance Ingredients in Space Lubricants (2021)

Nyberg. E, Schneidhofer. C, Pisarova. L, Dörr. N, Minami. I
Molecules, Vol. 26, nr. 4
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Numerical Simulation of Static Seal Contact Mechanics Including Hydrostatic Load at the Contacting Interface (2021)

Huang. D, Yan. X, Larsson. R, Almqvist. A
Lubricants, Vol. 9, nr. 1
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On the stiffness of surfaces with non-Gaussian height distribution (2021)

Pérez-Ràfols. F, Almqvist. A
Scientific Reports, Vol. 11
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Physicochemical and tribological properties of gemini-type halogen-free dicationic ionic liquids (2021)

Yu. Q, Zhang. C, Dong. R, Shi. Y, Wang. Y, Bai. Y, et al.
Friction, Vol. 9, nr. 2, s. 344-355