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Catalytically Active Oil-based Lubricant Additives Enabled by Calcining Ni-Al Layered Double Hydroxides (2020)

Wang. H, Liu. Y, Guo. F, Sheng. H, Xia. K, Liu. W, et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol. 11, s. 113-120
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Modelling Flows in Lubrication (2020)

Almqvist. A, Ràfols. F
Part of: Modeling and Simulation of Tribological Problems in Technology
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Photo-induced Actuator using Temperature and Light Dual Responsive Azobenzene Containing Ion Gel in Ionic Liquid (2020)

Ma. X, Lan. X, Wu. L, Wang. L, Gu. Q, Shi. Y, et al.
European Polymer Journal, Vol. 123
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Polyelectrolyte Cellulose Gel with PEG/Water (2020)

Toward Fully Green Lubricating Grease
Shetty. P, Mu. L, Shi. Y
Carbohydrate Polymers, Vol. 230
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The tribology of Ag/MoS2-based self-lubricating laser claddings for high temperature forming of aluminium alloys (2020)

Torres. H, Caykara. T, Rojacz. H, Prakash. B, Rodríguez Ripoll. M
Wear, Vol. 442-443
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Topography transformations due to running-in of rolling-sliding non-conformal contacts (2020)

Hansen. J, Björling. M, Larsson. R
Tribology International, Vol. 144
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Transient analysis of surface roughness features in thermal elastohydrodynamic contacts (2020)

Hultqvist. T, Vrček. A, Marklund. P, Prakash. B, Larsson. R
Tribology International, Vol. 141
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3D mathematical model of contact-separation and single-electrode mode triboelectric nanogenerators (2019)

Shao. J, Willatzen. M, Shi. Y, Wang. Z
Nano Energy, Vol. 60, s. 630-640
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A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study on Shearing Mechanisms in Thermal Elastohydrodynamic Line Contacts (2019)

Tosic. M, Larsson. R, Jovanović. J, Lohner. T, Björling. M, Stahl. K
Lubricants, Vol. 7, nr. 8
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A self-healing elastomer based on an intrinsic non-covalent cross-linking mechanism (2019)

Chen. J, Li. F, Luo. Y, Shi. Y, Ma. X, Zhang. M, et al.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Vol. 7, nr. 25, s. 15207-15214