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Kubernetes Cluster

This cluster (hosted by RISE) provides free GPU access for LTU users to write & execute Python in their browsers, with persistent storage on the cluster.

You can fill the form below, signifying you agree with the terms of service, to order (JupyterLab) access. Details needed for users to access their labs will be sent within a few days.

Please, consult the growing FAQ section below for troubleshooting before contacting us for assistance. Inactive lab for over 6 months may be purged from the cluster. It is the responsibility of the users to have backup of their material.


1. Do I have unlimited resources with the Lab? No. Each typical Lab has 1 nvidia-gtx GPU, 10GB storage & 8 GB memory.

2. What Python package installer does the Lab use? Conda

3. Can I use/change password for my Lab? Yes. Do so on the login page or by typing "jupyter notebook password" in the terminal in the Lab & ensure you go to File -> Shutdown for this to take effect.

4. Is my login token unique? Yes.

5. Do I have to pay? No. It's free for LTU users

6. I'm new to Jupyter Notebook/Lab. How do I get started? You may get started here or search online.