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Mathematics Education at Luleå University of Technology (MoL)

Mathematics and learning includes research on learning, teaching and knowledge formation in and about mathematics from both a mathematical and behavioral science perspective. Consequently, research in mathematics and learning is interdisciplinary in nature and its purpose is to create a scientific basis for developing and strengthening mathematics education at different levels of education. Key issues in research concern advanced concept formation in mathematics, mathematical thinking and communication at various stages from preschool to university, as well as future teaching materials in mathematics. The MoL group engages in research collaboration at national and international level and maintains good contacts with other Swedish and foreign research environments. The work in the group is led by Professor Timo Tossavainen.

We also conduct pedagogical development work focused on mathematics teaching, for example in collaboration with the Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics,TVM, and the School of Science and Technology at Örebro University. Collaboration with nearby municipalities also takes place, mainly via the graduate school PROFS.