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Mathematics Education at Luleå University of Technology (MoL)

The research in Mathematics Education at Luleå University of Technology has a wide, cross-disciplinary basis, and provides an important scientific foundation for the teacher education at the university. The main areas of research comprise empirical research, such as international comparative classroom studies; curriculum research (content and function of textbooks and achievement tests, conceptions of mathematical literacy, didactic transposition and proof); relations between forms of classroom-interaction and mathematical content; success in school mathematics in relation to gender, socio-economic and cultural background; and professional development of teachers in the context of national reform-initiatives. The MaLiL group conducts research in collaboration with national and international research teams.

The MaLiL group is responsible for courses in mathematics education at undergraduate and graduate level. Furthermore, in cooperation with many of the region’s municipalities the group engages in pedagogic development-projects focused on mathematics teaching.

The MaLiL group runs regular seminars where current research issues, literature and school policy are discussed.