Seminar Series in Mathematics and its Applications

A Seminar Series presented by the Division of Mathematics, Luleå University of Technology. Scheduled between November 2016 to June 2017.

Starts 22 February 2017, at 15:00
Ends 22 February 2017, at 16:15
City Luleå
Location E243, LTU

Current Schedule and Details of the Talks

Wednesday 15:00, 22 February 2017

Speaker: Elena Miroshnikova, Division of Mathematics, LTU

Place: E243

Title: Conservation Laws as Consequences of Fundamental Properties of Space and Time

Abstract: Noether's theorem provides a strong connection between symmetry of space and time and conservation laws for some dynamical systems. We'll show that certain physically important conservation laws are a direct consequence of the space-time symmetry admitted by the system. This theorem plays a fundamental role in the connection between mathematics and physics. We consider some classical applications of the theorem, such as conservation laws of energy, mass and momentum, and also show its effect on quantum physics. 

Aim and Scope of the Series:

The goal of the series is to present some of the current research subjects at the Division of Mathematics. Most of the talks in this series are aimed at Engineers and Applied Scientists at LTU that may find the subjects interesting for their research projects and graduate programmes. 

The topic and level of a particular seminar depends on the speaker. Some speakers will provide a smooth introduction to their subject while others will concentrate more on recent research results or discuss open problems. Each seminar will be announced and scheduled well in advanced and the titles and abstracts of the talks will make it clear what the topic and level will be.

Who can Attend?

The seminars are open to all staff members and students at LTU from all divisions and departments, including PhD students, Post Docs and visiting scientists at LTU.

Who can give a Talk?

If you wish to give a talk in this series, you are very welcome to do so. In this case, please provide a short abstract and your motivation for your talk in this series and send it to We will then contact you with further details. 

List of Speakers (in alphabetical order): Per Bergström, Ove Edlund, Marianna Euler, Norbert Euler, John Fabricius, Adam Jonsson, Elena Miroshnikova, Natasha Samko, Thomas Strömberg, Inge Söderkvist, Peter Wall, and more.

Preliminary Details of Future Talks


Past Talks in the Seminar Series


Norbert Euler's own page about the seminar series



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Published: 9 February 2017


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