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Plenary Speakers

Publicerad: 8 oktober 2019
$!userInfo.givenName Elizabeth Dickey

Elizabeth Dickey, Distinguished Professor and Associate Department Head Director

Organisation: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Center for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics, North Carolina State University, USA
$!userInfo.givenName Jens Günster

Jens Günster, Professor and Head of Division

Organisation: Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung | BAM · Division 5.4 Ceramic Processing and Biomaterials , Germany
$!userInfo.givenName Saiz Eduaro

Saiz Eduaro, Professor, Chair in Structural Ceramics

Organisation: Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
$!userInfo.givenName André R. Studart

André R. Studart, Professor Dr.

Organisation: ETH Zürich, Switzerland
$!userInfo.givenName Kristina Edström

Kristina Edström, Professor at Department of Chemistry-Ångström Laboratory, Structural Chemistry

Organisation: Uppsala University, Sweden