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Mikroskopi och materialkaraterisering

Svepelektronmikroskopi (SEM)

Jeol JSM-IT300: Environmental SEM (Low- and high vacuum), Oxford Instruments (Aztec). Utrustad med EDS och EBSD:


Jeol JCM-6000 PLUS: Table-Top SEM, Low- and high vacuum, EDS

SEM tabletop

Leica EM ACE200 Low vacuum coater, producing homogenous and conductive metal or carbon coatings for SEM and TEM analysis. Configured as a sputter coater or carbon thread evaporation coater. Available coatings: Platina or Carbon

Leica sputter

Ljusoptiskt mikroskopi

Nikon Eclipse MA200 with NIS Elements BR equipped with: MW Tango (motorized table), Nikon Intensilight C-HGFI (fluorescence illuminator)

Nikon MA200


SMZ1270 with apochromat lenses and NIS Elements BR 


X-ray diffraction (XRD)

High-temperature furnace (<1600°C). In-situ crystallographic characterization, phase transformation studies, thermal expansion coefficients, chemical reactions, fast cooling. Available in the XRD (Siemens D5000) located at Chemical Engineering at LTU

Mjukvara för termodynamiska beräkningar

Thermo-Calc, Dictra, TC-Prisma. Available thermodynamic databases: Steels and Fe-alloys, Titanium alloys and Titanium Aluminide-based alloys, High entropy alloys. Available mobility databases: Steels and Fe-alloys, Titanium alloys


Computor equipped with the following software: High score plus with PDF4+ (XRD software + database), Dragonfly (XCT software), MIPAR Image Analysis, CES Edupack (Material selection software), ARPGE, Origin, Matlab, NX-works, Simufact, Image J, Photoshop etc.