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Thermal analysis & thermomechanical testing

Thermal analysis

TGA-DSC system to perform thermal analysis on materials up to 1600 ° C. The lab contains dilatometer to measure the coefficient of thermal expansion and sintering of materials. The thermal analysis lab contains a mass spectrometer to connect to TGA-DSC platform and dilatometer to in-situ study the evolution of various gaseous components during thermal analysis, phase transformations:

Mass spectrometer (TGA/STA-QMS 403 D Aëolos®) for gas analysis and volatile decomposition products.

Netzsch STA 449 F3 Jupiter DSC/TGA: Heating and cooling rates 1K/min and 50K/min. Different atmospheres (Inert, oxidizing, reducing, dynamic). TGA resolution 0.0001%. DSC resolution < μW (dependent on sensor)


Netzsch DIL402C Dilatometer: Thermal expansion, sintering, phase changes. Equipped with: Tube furnace Al2O3: Temperature 20-1500°C, Ar, N2, Synthetic air. Graphite furnace: Temperature 20-2000°C. Ar, N2, water cooling


TGA-DSC and TGA-DTA sample carrier for real simultaneous operation.

TA Instruments SDT650: Up to 1500°C, equipped with an autosampler, which can take 30 samples. It can be used in corrosive gases.


TA Instruments IsoSORP SA: Up to 500°C and 150 bar gas pressure. It can use corrosive gases and large masses (up to 30 grams) can be used.


Thermomechanical testing

Gleeble 3800 GTC (DSI) : High temperature processing, evaluation of physics, mechanical performance, RT to 2000 ° C. Heating rate> 10,000 ° C / s, or steady state equilibrium temperatures within ± 1 ° C. Capability of high cooling rates. Thermocouple (120 ° C / s), atmospheric control, 20 tons compressive and 10 tons tensile load. Pyrometer (500-1800 ° C), Low force load cell 0.2-2.2 kN, Scanning non-contact optical dilatometer & extensometer system, Hot zone L-Strain Fixture extensometer, Melting accessories to perform in-situ melting experiments. For additional information see TMTEST Infrastructure Projects.


HT Tribometer (RTEC) up to 1000 ° C with atmospheric controlled furnaces. For additional information see TMTEST Infrastructure Projects.