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TMTEST Infrastructure Project

The national thermo-mechanical and tribology infrastructure (TMTEST) at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) has been set up in 2016 with support from Swedish Foundation of Strategic Research, Kempestiftelserna and Luleå University of Technology. The infrastructure is well-equipped to collect material property data in extreme experimental and environmental conditions. The TMTEST infrastructure has been strengthened further with the addition of new high temperature equipments; Gleeble 3800 and high temperature universal tribometer.

Overview and scientific aims of TMTEST

  • Establishing robust characterization methods to obtain thermo-physical/mechanical data on the materials behavior for their lifetime used in automotive, aerospace, energy devices and structural applications.
  • Developing a fundamental understanding of mechanical behavior of metals and alloys, ceramics, and composites in thermo-mechanical environment at high temperatures required for emerging technologies.
  • Collecting test data in extreme conditions such as rapid heating and cooling, application of high strain rates, fast dilatometry to produce new and novel materials with superior properties.
  • Introducing and broadening the process simulation methods of materials of industrial interest e.g. light weight alloys, heavy alloys, nano-structured steels, high temperature and high strength ceramics and composites for aerospace, automotive and fusion energy applications.
  • To study microstructure evolution of materials in real time to unveil mechanisms controlling the mechanical behavior of materials and provide a new and rapid method for microstructure characterization during processing over conventional tedious observation procedure.


Farid Akhtar

Akhtar, Farid - Associate Professor

Organisation: Engineering Materials, Materials Science, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Phone: +46 (0)920 491793
Room: E313 - Luleå»