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Media and Communication Science

Research in Media and Communication Science is conducted in collaboration with other researchers both nationally and internationally, including within the framework of joint seminars with other research topics at the Division for art, communication and learning.

Since the topic Media and Communication Science has a specialization in media production, research has apparently linked to the media industry and the rapid media development, and to basic education in our programs. Postgraduate education also offers the ability to integrate a creative and practical work with the theoretical thesis.

Photo:  Kalle Kovacs
Former student recipient of the journalist award Guldspaden

Radio journalist Anders Lundqvist has received the Föreningen grävande journalisters (Investigaive Journalists) award Guldspaden 2020 in the category of local broadcast media.

Photo: Lars Andersson
Documentary film day with intrusive theme

Some of Sweden's leading documentary filmmakers gathered at the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology during Friday's documentary film day. This year's event circled around the most personal and how close we can go in film.

Photo: Lars Andersson
Legend celebrated at documentary film day

For the 11th consecutive year, the Documentary Film Day was organized at Luleå University of Technology during Saturday. The day was devoted to documentary films, with views, conversations and discussions. This year's event was the first one without the initiator and TV legend Eric Forsgren.