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Publications Mineral Processing

Published: 12 May 2011


Article in journal

A comparative study between the adsorption mechanisms of sodium co-silicate and conventional depressants for the reverse anionic hematite flotation (2021)

Tohry. A, Dehghan. R, Hatefi. P, Chelgani. S
Separation science and technology (Print)
Article in journal

A comparative study on the influence of mono, di, and trivalent cations on the chalcopyrite and pyrite flotation (2021)

Yang. X, Bu. X, Xie. G, Chelgani. S
Journal of Materials Research and Technology, Vol. 11, s. 1112-1122
Article in journal

A geometallurgical study of flotation performance in supergene and hypogene zones of Sungun copper deposit (2021)

Bahrami. A, Ghorbani. Y, Sharif. J, Kazemi. F, Abdollahi. M, Salahshur. A, et al.
Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy, Vol. 130, nr. 2, s. 126-135
Article, review/survey

A Review on the Beneficiation Methods of Borate Minerals (2021)

Powoe. S, Kromah. V, Jafari. M, Chelgani. S
Part of: Minerals
Article in journal

Advanced modeling of HPGR power consumption based on operational parameters by BNN (2021)

A “Conscious-Lab” development
Tohry. A, Yazdani. S, Hadavandi. E, Mahmudzadeh. E, Chelgani. S
Powder Technology, Vol. 381, s. 280-284
Article in journal

Development and experimental validation of a texture-based 3D liberation model (2021)

Guntoro. P, Ghorbani. Y, Parian. M, Butcher. A, Kuva. J, Rosenkranz. J
Minerals Engineering, Vol. 164
Article in journal

Effect of the ultrasonic standing wave frequency on the attractive mineralization for fine coal particle flotation (2021)

Chen. Y, Chelgani. S, Bu. X, Xie. G
Ultrasonics sonochemistry, Vol. 77
Article in journal

Effects of Chemical Additives on Rheological Properties of Dry Ground Ore - a Comparative Study (2021)

Chipakwe. V, Hulme-Smith. C, Karlkvist. T, Rosenkranz. J, Chelgani. S
Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review
Article in journal

Estimation of heavy and light rare earth elements of coal by intelligent methods (2021)

Chelgani. S, Hadavandi. E, Hower. J
Energy Sources, Part A, Vol. 43, nr. 1, s. 70-79
Article in journal

Integrating biometallurgical recovery of metals with biogenic synthesis of nanoparticles (2021)

Patel. A, Enman. J, Gulkova. A, Guntoro. P, Dutkiewicz. A, Ghorbani. Y, et al.
Chemosphere, Vol. 263
Article, review/survey

Leaching manganese nodules with iron-reducing agents – A critical review (2021)

Toro. N, Rodríguez. F, Rojas. A, Robles. P, Ghorbani. Y
Part of: Minerals Engineering
Article in journal

Mechanism of humic acid adsorption as a flotation separation depressant on the complex silicates and hematite (2021)

Tohry. A, Dehghan. R, Zarei. M, Chelgani. S
Minerals Engineering, Vol. 162
Article in journal

Mechanochemical Treatment of Historical Tungsten Tailings (2021)

Leaching While Grinding for Tungsten Extraction Using NaOH
Mulenshi. J, Chelgani. S, Rosenkranz. J
Sustainability, Vol. 13, nr. 6
Article in journal

Modeling metallurgical responses of coal tri-flo separators by a novel bnn (2021)

a “Conscious-lab” development
Alidokht. M, Yazdani. S, Hadavandi. E, Chelgani. S
International journal of coal science & technology
Article in journal

Nanobubble-Assisted Flotation of Apatite Tailings (2021)

Insights on Beneficiation Options
Chipakwe. V, Jolsterå. R, Chelgani. S
ACS Omega, Vol. 6, nr. 21, s. 13888-13894
Article in journal

Ore mineralogy and trace element (re)distribution at the metamorphosed Lappberget Zn-Pb-Ag-(Cu-Au) deposit, Garpenberg, Sweden (2021)

Tiu. G, Jansson. N, Wanhainen. C, Ghorbani. Y, Lilja. L
Ore Geology Reviews, Vol. 135
Article in journal

Process simulations in mineralogy-based geometallurgy of iron ores (2021)

Parian. M, Lamberg. P, Rosenkranz. J
Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy Section C - Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy
Article in journal

Proving the existence of nanobubbles produced by hydrodynamic cavitation and their significant effects in powder flotation (2021)

Pourkarimi. Z, Rezai. B, Noaparast. M, Nguyen. A, Chelgani. S
Advanced Powder Technology, Vol. 32, nr. 5, s. 1810-1818