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Publications Mineral Processing

Published: 12 May 2011


Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary

Effects of loading mechanisms and texture on ore breakage (2020)

A multidimensional study
Semsari Parapari. P
Article in journal

Geometallurgical Approach for Implications of Ore Blending on Cyanide Leaching and Adsorption Behavior of Witwatersrand Gold Ores, South Africa (2020)

Nwaila. G, Ghorbani. Y, Becker. M, Frimmel. H, Petersen. J, Zhang. S
Natural Resources Research, Vol. 29, nr. 2, s. 1007-1030
Article in journal

Isolation and removal of cyanide from tailing dams in gold processing plant using natural bitumen (2020)

Bahrami. A, Kazemi. F, Alighardashi. A, Ghorbani. Y, Abdollahi. M, Parvizian. A
Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 262
Article in journal

Narrowing the gap between local standards and global best practices inbauxite mining (2020)

A case study in Malaysia
How Kuan. S, Ghorbani. Y, Chieng. S
Resources policy, Vol. 66
Article in journal

Power-draw prediction by random forest based on operating parameters for an industrial ball mill (2020)

Tohry. A, Chelgani. S, Matin. S, Noormohammadi. M
Advanced Powder Technology
Article in journal

Sequential decision-making in mining and processing based on geometallurgical inputs (2020)

Koch. P, Rosenkranz. J
Minerals Engineering, Vol. 149
Article, review/survey

Towards integrated geometallurgical approach (2020)

Critical review of current practices and future trends
Lishchuk. V, Koch. P, Ghorbani. Y, Butcher. A
Part of: Minerals Engineering
Article, review/survey

A comparative study on the effects of dry and wet grinding on mineral flotation separation (2019)

a review
Chelgani. S, Parian. M, Semsari. P, Ghorbani. Y, Rosenkranz. J
Part of: Journal of Materials Research and Technology
Article in journal

A geometallurgical study of flotation performance in supergene and hypogene zones of Sungun copper deposit (2019)

Bahrami. A, Ghorbani. Y, Sharif. J, Kazemi. F, Abdollahi. M, Salahshur. A, et al.
Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy
Conference paper

A numerical study of the effects of microwave pre-treatment on value liberation from a zinc ore (2019)

Koch. P
Paper presented at : 29th International Mineral Processing Congress, IMPC 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation, 17-21 September 2018
Article in journal

Application of machine learning techniques in mineral phase segmentation for X-ray microcomputed tomography (µCT) data (2019)

Guntoro. P, Tiu. G, Ghorbani. Y, Lund. C, Rosenkranz. J
Minerals Engineering, Vol. 142
Article in journal

Characterization and beneficiation options for tungsten recovery from Yxsjöberg historical ore tailings (2019)

Mulenshi. J, Khavari. P, Chelgani. S, Rosenkranz. J
Processes, Vol. 7, nr. 12
Conference paper

Characterization and feasible physical separation methods for Yxsjöberg historical tungsten ore tailings (2019)

Mulenshi. J, Khavari. P, Rosenkranz. J
Paper presented at : Conference in Minerals Engineering, Luleå, Sweden, February 5-6, 2019
Article in journal

Combined Effect of Operating Parameters on Separation Efficiency and Kinetics of Copper Flotation (2019)

Bahrami. A, Ghorbani. Y, Hosseini. M, Kazemi. F, Abdollahi. M, Danesh. A
Mining, metallurgy & exploration, Vol. 36, nr. 2, s. 409-421
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Computational methods and strategies for geometallurgy (2019)

Koch. P
Article in journal

Cupric and Chloride Ions (2019)

Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrate with Low Chloride Concentration Media
Torres. C, Ghorbani. Y, Hernández. P, Justel. F, Aravena. M, Herreros. O
Minerals, Vol. 9, nr. 10
Article in journal

Dynamic vapor sorption measurement and identification of mineral species in industrial-scale flotation cell samples (2019)

Malm. L, Sand. A, Bolin. N, Rosenkranz. J, Ymén. I
Powder Technology, Vol. 356, s. 1016-1023