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Article in journal

A Prognosis Methodology for Underground Infrastructure Damage in Sublevel Cave Mining (2019)

Svartsjaern. M
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Vol. 52, nr. 1, s. 247-263
Conference paper

A review of mining practices for surface support: an international survey (2019)

Schunnesson. H, Shekhar. G, Gustafson. A, Johansson. D
Paper presented at : Ground Support 2019
Article in journal

An artificial neural network-based mathematical model for the prediction of blast-induced ground vibrations (2019)

Lawal. A, Idris. M
International Journal of Environmental Studies
Article in journal

Application of drill-monitoring for chargeability assessment in sublevel caving (2019)

Navarro. J, Schunnesson. H, Ghosh. R, Segarra. P, Johansson. D, Sanchidrián. J
International Journal of Rock Mechanics And Mining Sciences, Vol. 119, s. 180-192
Article in journal

Application of Measurement While Drilling Technology to Predict Rock Mass Quality and Rock Support for Tunnelling (2019)

van Eldert. J, Schunnesson. H, Johansson. D, Saiang. D
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
Article in journal

Approximate analytical HVSR curve using multiple band-pass filters and potential applications (2019)

Mihaylov. A, El Naggar. H, Mihaylov. D, Dineva. S
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 127
Conference paper

Blasting delay pattern development in the light of rockburst prevention (2019)

Case study from polish copper mine
Mertuszka. P, Szumny. M, Wawryszewicz. A, Fuławka. K, Saiang. D
Part of: E3S Web of Conferences, IVth International Innovative Mining Symposium, EDP Sciences, 2019, 01012
Article in journal

Development of a model for economic control of loading in sublevel caving mines (2019)

Shekhar. G, Gustafson. A, Hersinger. A, Jonsson. K, Schunnesson. H
Mining Technology:Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, Vol. 128, nr. 2, s. 118-128
Article in journal

Do Refuge Chambers Represent a Good Strategy to Manage Emergencies in Underground Coal Mines? (2019)

Halim. A, Brune. J
Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, Vol. 36, nr. 6, s. 1191-1199
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Load-Haul-Dump operations in underground mines (2019)

Skawina. B
Article in journal

Mining-Induced Deformation in the Malmberget Mine (2019)

Jones. T, Nordlund. E, Wettainen. T
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Vol. 52, nr. 6, s. 1903-1916
Article in journal

Multivariate evaluation of blast damage from emulsion explosives in tunnels excavated in crystalline rock (2019)

Ittner. H, Olsson. M, Johansson. D, Schunnesson. H
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Vol. 85, s. 331-339
Article in journal

Numerical Modelling of the Effect of Temperature Variation on Stope Stability in Bushveld Igneous Complex (2019)

Oniyide. G, Idris. M
Mining of Mineral Deposits, Vol. 13, nr. 2, s. 121-131
Article in journal

Prediction of gross calorific value of solid fuels from their proximate analysis using soft computing and regression analysis (2019)

Onifade. M, Lawa. A, Aladejare. A, Bada. S, Idris. M
International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization
Conference paper

Shock front curvature measurements of emulsion explosives (2019)

Johansson. D, Nyberg. U, Stenman. U, Schunnesson. H
Part of: Proceedings of the 10th EFEE, 2019
Article in journal

Stress Redistribution Monitoring Using Passive Seismic Tomography at a Deep Nickel Mine (2019)

Ma. X, Westman. E, Malek. F, Yao. M
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Vol. 52, nr. 10, s. 3909-3919