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Mining and Rock Engineering

Mining- and Rock Engineering at Luleå University of Technology has a wide focus area and comprises research activities on fundamental knowledge to applied applications within mining and subsurface engineering. The education and Research in Mining and Rock Engineering at Luleå University of Technology goes back to 1971. In 2011, the Swebrec Competence Center, which focuses on blasting technology, detonation and fragmentation, became part of the subject of rock technology.

The mining and rock engineering subject at Luleå University is globally well known for its R&D activities and innovative solutions to mining problems and has wide international research network spread all over the world. The current research activities are funded and sponsored by EU through Framework research program, Strategic Research grants from the Swedish government, joint industry-government initiatives, and projects from the industry.   

The following research areas are today at focus:

  • Technologies related to operations in mining and underground construction; from unit operations to automation, robotization, mine production optimization, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), and AI/Machine Learning.
  • Rock Mechanics; from fundamental strength and deformations of rock to advanced prediction models and rock support
  • Blast engineering through Swebrec’s research portfolio
  • Mine seismicity
  • Grouting
  • Mine and tunnel ventilation
  • Environmental impacts of mining and extraction activities


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