Orgel acusticum
Visa originalbild , Öppnas i nytt fönster/flik


Within the overall project, performance sessions were carried out in Studio Acusticum, using different solo instruments and ensembles. The recorded and evaluated performances of each of these constellations can be viewed as a separate subproject, making a total of eight: piano solo (pilot project), organ solo, flute solo, flute and piano duo, string quartet, wind quintet, a larger chamber ensemble with conductor, and mixed choir.

The experimental design was on the whole common to all subprojects: three recorded sessions (in the pilot project four), each with the ceiling in a different position but with the same repertoire and the same performers and made on the same day, with an interval between them of 1.5–2 hours. The recorded repertoire consisted of 3–4 pieces varying in style and character, with a total duration of 15–20 minutes (the three chamber ensemble constellations participated in the same sessions, performing one piece each). The audience consisted exclusively of the members of the research group.

Evaluative reports, written immediately after listening (or performing) in the hall as well as after subsequent listening to recordings of the performances, were written by the performers (in the case of ensembles, selected performers) and by the members of the research group.

At a later stage of the project (June 2017), additional recordings were made for piano solo, flute solo, and flute and piano duo.  For these recordings, an ‘ideal’ position of the ceiling was chosen, based on the evaluations of the previous recordings.