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The desire for music and life in new documentary

Published: 15 January 2018

Erik Westberg is described as a musical magician and is one of Sweden's absolute top choir conductors. This weekend, the radio program, the Conductor who survived, was premiered, in which his life was documented. A tjourney containing both high peaks and deep valleys.

- It's with mixed feelings as I read the title. I have not set it, but it implies a difficult period in my life and, of course, it is real. The most important thing, however, is the joyful musical creation and the energy that the music gives back. Life has endless possibilities, said Erik Westberg, professor at Luleå University of Technology.

A story worthy of spreading

Since 1990, Erik Westberg has worked at the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology where he teaches choir conducting and choir singing. He has achieved great success with the music school's chamber choir and his own vocal ensemble and was chosen in the Royal Musical Academy in 2008. Erik Westberg feels honored and touched by the fact that his life and deed have now become the subject of a documentary.

Several of my close friends and colleagues have been interviewed. I get warm inside to listen to other people's reflections and thoughts, says Erik Westberg, who, however, found it difficult to talk about a darker time in life when he was plagued by mental illness.

– It was difficult to go through the period of disease. I want to lay it behind me. But if someone - through my story - can find keys to find their way back then the story is worth being reproduced.

Personal portrait done with respect and consideration

The documentary that was premiered on Saturday January 13 was made by Malin Winberg, who studied journalism at Luleå University of Technology in 2009 to 2012. The main character himself is pleased with the final result.

– Hearing his voice is close to anxiety, but on the whole, the documentary is done with respect and care and with a lot of music. It's liberating with so much music - there's the answer!


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