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Sverker Jullander
Sverker Jullander. Photo: Lars Andersson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

New member of the Royal Academy of Music

Published: 22 June 2017

Sverker Jullander, Professor of Musical Instrumentation, was recently elected as a new member of the Royal Academy of Music.

- Of course, it feels fun, exciting and honorable to come into this context. Becoming a member is above all an assignment, and the Musical Academy is not just an honored institution but a leading player in music, says Sverker Jullander, who was appointed Professor at Luleå University of Technology in 2006.

A recognition

Sverker Jullander is internationally active as music researcher and concert organizer. He has appeared as an organ soloist around Europe. In recent years, he has worked in the field of artistic research and postgraduate studies with special focus on the music field in fonts and lectures as well as in national and international networks. The appointment as a new member of the Royal Academy of Music is a confirmation that the work is estimated.

- It is important for me to acknowledge that it may be useful to reconcile these occupational roles in my activities, which I have tried to do. Otherwise, it does not mean, as I can see now, a big change in what I'm doing. More Stockholm trips of course: The Academy has four meetings a year, in addition to the November summit.

Engaged in music research in broad sense

Sverker Jullander has previously held assignments within the academy, including chairman of the research board. A work he will continue with.

- As a member, I would like to work with questions related to music research in the broad sense, not least a closer cooperation between the various musical research disciplines. The Academy Research Board is a good example of this: not only 'traditional' musicians, but also artistic and music education researchers, says Sverker Jullander and continues.

- Higher music education is an important area that historically lies close to the Academy's activities. From Luleå University of Technology, but also from my previous organization in organ research at the University of Gothenburg, I take with me the experience of how beneficial it can be with collaboration between music and other research areas, especially technology.

What does it mean to the university that you are now taking place as a member of the Academy?

- For the university it is important that individual researchers are present in national contexts, of which the Royal Academy of Music is one. For the music school, which has a small peripheral geographical position in relation to the country's major music centers, it may be particularly important to be seen in this way. It is gratifying to note that our Academy representation can be measured with other music academies outside of Stockholm.