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Photo: Lars Andersson
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Awarded for outstanding educational activity

Published: 13 October 2017

Jan-Olof Eriksson, Professor at Luleå University of Technology, is awarded the Future Music Prize for Outstanding Educational Deed.

– It feels like good music - wonderful! Very unexpected and a fantastic confirmation after about 40 years of work in music service, says the happy prize winner.

The fire of music was lit early

The music prize of the future is awarded annually by the National Association of Young Musicians, in close collaboration with the Cultural Education Council and the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.
Jan-Olof Eriksson, or JOE, as he is also called, has been working at the Music School at Luleå University of Technology since 1974, where he was responsible for guitar training on the music programs. He grew up in a musical family and the passion for music was born early.

– My own musical experiences from the upbringing characterized me strongly. My parents played and sang and I learned to play myself and could participate early in the music performance of the family. They conveyed a "musician feeling" that sparked the glory of music in me. I feel that I want ALL young people to experience that. The glow of music has followed me through life and I try to convey it to young musicians and students, says Jan-Olof Eriksson. and tells that his own children inspired his later educational activity.

Inspired by the children's positive experiences

– Our own children's music interests, I followed and studied their musical experiences and development when they were students at Piteå Music School, inspired me too - these positive experiences and knowledge I then inserted in my own instrumental methodology teaching and in my daily work of educating music teachers and musicians at the school of music in Piteå.

What makes it so fun to work with music for children and young people?

– To meet their eyes when good music is created! A good example of this is the collaboration with the dance teacher education and our project Flamenco dance and guitar. It gave me the idea of ​​joining young musicians and dancers at Piteå Dance and Culture School and creating a Flamenco dance and guitar project as well as performance. Then the eyes of the children glanced - my eye was not dry!

What are you going to do for the prize money of SEK 20,000?

– They are placed on my music account; purchase of books, notes, LP's / CD's, strings and gladly a trip to a music festival.