Performs work by Frost composer

Published: 29 January 2019

Erik Westberg, professor at Luleå University of Technology, and his vocal ensemble, premieres the work Bidám vuolle by composer Frode Fjellheim at two concerts in Luleå and Piteå. Frode Fjellheim is mainly known as one of the composers of the music in the hit film Frost.

– I have long been hoping to order a work for the vocal ensemble with Frode as a soloist. We rephearsed the past weekend and became overjoyed - he has found the right character and "tone" for the ensemble's sound and numbers, says Erik Westberg, conductor and professor of musical performance at the university.

A dream come true

The Norwegian composer Frode Fjellheim, who has Sami roots, will participate as a jojk soloist at the concerts in Luleå Cathedral on the second of February and in Studio Acusticum on the fourth of February. Erik Westberg met Frode Fjellheim already in 2003 during the work on the Barents Choir Center project.

– It was then that the idea of ordering a work by Frode was born. A dream that has now come true, says Erik Westberg.

When listeners across Europe

The concert in Studio Acusticum in Piteå will be recorded and broadcast live by Sveriges Radio P2. Through the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), Erik Westberg's vocal ensemble will also reach thousands of listeners around Europe. There are seven countries in the EBU network that have ordered the concert, of which three: Sweden, Finland and Estonia will send it directly. Deutchland Radio Culture in Berlin broadcasts the concert on March 21 and in Croatia, Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands it will be broadcast later. This means that the music performed in Studio Acusticum will be heard by hundreds of thousands of people around Europe.

– That the concert, in addition to hundreds of people in the audience, can also reach hundreds of thousands of listeners around Europe, is a unique opportunity for us to reach out with our music, says Erik Westberg and promises a beautiful and tumultuous concert experience.

– The program is unusual for the ensemble, the concert's introduction Was it a Voice is the only work that in expression most can be associated with the ensemble. I hope the audience will be touched by the beautiful and fiercely tumultuous music.

Erik Westberg's Vocal Ensemble was founded in 1993 and consists of 20 singers. The members of the ensemble are active as soloists, church musicians and music teachers and come from northern Sweden and Finland. The vocal ensemble has a very clear connection to Luleå University of Technology and the School of Music in Piteå.


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