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Masters' thesis published in scientific journal

Published: 16 August 2018

Casper Olofsson and Joel Wadsten finished their masters' thesis in Economics 2017. Their results on European trade in biofuels have now been published in Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, a leading scientific journal in forest economics.

The thesis analyzes and investigates the factors that affect trade in wood products within the European Union. By increasing our understanding of trade in forest raw materials, we also increase our potential for efficient use of bioenergy in climate work, said Joel and Casper. Some EU countries have a relatively high supply of forest raw materials, while other countries have less. At the same time, the economic, structural and institutional conditions differ between the countries. By improving trade in forest raw materials between member countries, we can thus help achieving the overal climate targets.

The study is based on a large data set that includes annual trading partners for two categories of wood raw materials, 28 member countries and over the period 2005-2014. The study contributes new insights into climate work and how it can be linked to trade in biofuels, especially when forest raw materials, says Professor Robert Lundmark. The result has now been published in the scientific journal Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research , which is a leading international research shift in forest economics. The timeshift has been published since 1986 and is broadly indexed, including Web of Science.

Contributes to research in economics

Joel and Caspers supervisor Robert Lundmark, professor of economics at Luleå University of Technology, already realized at the initial discussions and with the availability of the wealthy dataset that the degree work would be interesting from a research perspective.

- Joel and Casper have worked hard and proved proficient in processing and analyzing large data sets, said Robert Lundmark. This, together with the interesting and original research question, made it possible to further develop the thesis work into a scientific article. It is incredibly stimulating to train students who want to contribute to the research in their degree projects, he says.

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