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Skogsmaskin nationalekonomi

Forest biomass in metal industry – future possibilities and consequences

Published: 14 March 2018

Forest biomass may play a role in reducing CO2 emissions from metal and mining industry by replacing fossil fuels used as energy carriers and reducing agents. Simultaneously, forest biomass is also in focus for other uses, such as production of green fuels or chemicals. As biomass is a limited resource there is a risk of competition and regional changes in market conditions, which will affect the ability of the metal industry to convert to biomass based production. This project aims to contribute with new knowledge about the possibilities for Swedish metal industry to use forest biomass to reduce its CO2 emissions, in a system where the same limited resource is also in demand by other sectors with similar goals regarding reduced climate impact. The project is interdisciplinary and uses geographically explicit techno-economic methods to evaluate technology choices and CO2 implications, linked with economic market analysis to analyze the supply and demand of forest biomass.


Robert Lundmark

Robert Lundmark, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 492346
Organisation: Economics, Social Sciences, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
Elisabeth Wetterlund

Elisabeth Wetterlund, Associate Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491056
Organisation: Energy Engineering, Energy Science, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics