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Storskalig implementering av bioraffinaderier
The development of commercial bio refinery concepts is of strategic importance for Sweden's development into a bio-based economy. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Large-scale implementation of biorefineries

Published: 14 November 2017

In this interdisciplinary research project we study how we can increase the value added of forest raw materials through a large-scale expansion of bio refineries.

The development of commercial biorefinery concept is of strategic importance for Sweden's development into a biobased economy. Biorefineries helps to replace fossil with bio-based raw materials. Additionally, they contribute to a smarter use of biomass, increased added value and development potential of new bioproducts. Technical potentials and industrial applications are linked with raw material supply, marketing, innovation and policy aspects. The project is interdisciplinary and covers the integration of models that can account for the interplay between the various sectors, which include spatial variations in supply and demand of forest biomass, and that can capture the impact of changing market conditions and policy instruments. For the model integration, tools will be developed to facilitate communication and feedback between the models. The project aims to generate new knowledge and a model framework for advanced systems analysis related to (i) the Swedish biomass and its role in a sustainable energy system and (ii) the industrial transformation of the process industry towards a future biorefinery industry. 



Robert Lundmark

Lundmark, Robert - Professor

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