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Meeting Sweden's current and future energy challenges


Welcome to Luleå and LTU!

We are pleased to welcome you to the Swedish Association for Energy Economics (SAEE) conference 2016. The conference will be held August 23-24 at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in Luleå, Sweden.

Luleå University of Technology has a broad range of energy related research, including not only energy economics but also other research subjects such as other social, engineering, natural sciences as well as in humanities. The main campus is located just outside Luleå city center, easily accessible via public transportation. The research is conducted in close cooperation with firms and other organizations in order to strengthen its societal benefits and applications.

Luleå city is located in the intersection between Lule River and Gulf of Bothnia making water and the extensive and beautiful archipelago dominant features of the city. Kallax airport, located just five kilometers outside the city, is the sixth largest airport in Sweden with frequent departures to e.g., Arlanda, Stockholm. ​

We invite participants from a wide range of research disciplines with energy as the common denominator and will discuss solutions to a number of current and future energy challenges in Sweden, including integration issues with neighboring countries. The conference will address the full range of energy issues that is of interest for academics, analysts, policy-makers and industry participants.

The aim of the conference is to advance the knowledge about economic, technical, social and institutional prerequisites for a sustainable transformation of the Swedish energy system and explore its dynamic consequences on energy markets, technologies and systems as well as on the development of technology and markets.

On behalf of the organising committee I wish you all a very warm welcome to Luleå For this special event.

Robert Lundmark
General Conference Chair

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