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Conference topics

The conference will be organized around plenary sessions with invited keynote speakers and specialized sessions for presentations by registered participants. The topics and subtopics listed below are indicative of the types of subject matter That will be addressed during the conference. However, they are by no means exhaustive. Additional subjects might be added if proposed. The main selection criterion will be the quality of a proposal, not the particular subject matter.

Special focus will be towards to following key issues and topics:


Energy system implications

  • The future of nuclear power
  • Technologies and markets for renewable energy
  • Energy use in the transport sector
  • Supply and demand issues related to energy markets
  • Engineering and economic challenges from a system perspective

Energy innovation

  • Evolving technologies
  • Policies to stimulate innovation

Energy markets

  • Market regulation and design
  • Market structure
  • Pricing system
  • Market integration and trade

Environmental and climate implications

  • Energy efficiency
  • Potential role of new energy technologies
  • Controlling the energy sectors emissions
Policy, beslut

Policy implications

  • Energy security and geopolitical issues
  • Competition
  • Energy taxes and subsidies