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Magnus Ericsson
Magnus Ericsson with the first issue of Raw Materials Report and the latest issue of the successor Mineral Economics. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Luleå University of Technology hosts world leading publication about mineral economics

Published: 12 January 2023

The research subject economics at Luleå University of Technology has been publishing the scientific journal Mineral Economics – Raw Materials Report since 1998 in collaboration with Råvarugruppen (The Raw Material Group). It is one of the leading journals in the world in the field of economic and policy issues regarding minerals and metals. But the magazine's history stretches back to the early 1970s.

Råvarugruppen started with the emblematic year 1968 as a backdrop by a group of socially engaged friends. Magnus Ericsson was involved from the start. The group wanted to understand the importance of raw materials for the liberation of the former colonial countries, especially in relation to the oil crisis of the time.

“We had an idea that the enormous natural resources in the form of minerals could contribute to the economic development of the mineral-rich African countries if they only got control over their own mining industry”, says Magnus Ericsson, editor-in-chief and adjunct professor of economics at Luleå University of Technology.

In 1981, Råvarugruppen started the magazine Raw Materials Report to make contacts around the world. From the beginning, the editors did most of the work themselves, from setting and editing to collecting subscribers and managing bookkeeping. Articles came from researchers worldwide.

Associated with Luleå University of Technology

During the 1990s, the magazine experienced a period of decline. The readership of activists began to fall away. The group around the journal therefore decided to turn it into a scientific publication, and associate it with Luleå University of Technology with Patrik Söderholm, professor of economics, as editor-in-chief and the Springer as magazie publisher. During the same period, the journal received its current name.

Although the primary target group is researchers, Mineral Economics also has readers among politicians and the industry.

“Our goal is to create a dialogue between different actors, but also between different research areas. The journal does not only deals with economic issues but also policy issues, legal issues and social issues related to mineral extraction.”

A magazine for the current development

Considering the ongoing phasing out of fossil fuels, Magnus Ericsson believes that the magazine has a bright future.

“We are facing the transition from a hydrocarbon-dependent energy supply to an energy production that is dependent on minerals. Luleå University of Technology has an important role to play in this transition and Mineral Economics can contribute to keeping the doors open to the international research society.”

In December 2022, the editors published a special issue that deals with the entire value chain – from exploration to recycling. The special issue is available to everyone, even non-subscribers.