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Establishing local biogas transport systems (2021)

Policy incentives and actor networks in Swedish regions
Lundmark. R, Anderson. S, Hjort. A, Lönnqvist. T, Ryding. S, Söderholm. P
Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol. 145
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Recreation demand and pricing policy for international tourists in developing countries (2021)

evidence from South Africa
Mukanjari. S, Muchapondwa. E, Demeke. E
Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy
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A Cointegration Analysis of the Nordic Roundwood Markets (2020)

Eriksson. V, Lundmark. R
Forests, Vol. 11, nr. 9
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Aid, collective action and benefits to smallholders (2020)

Evaluating the World Food Program's purchase for progress pilot
Gelo. D, Muchapondwa. E, Shimeles. A, Dikgang. J
Food Policy, Vol. 97
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Automatiseringen och jobben då och nu (2020)

Grafström. J
Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol. 48, nr. 2, s. 81-84
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Bioenergy versus forest conservation (2020)

a partial equilibrium analysis of the Swedish forest raw materials market
Bryngemark. E
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, Vol. 35, nr. 7, s. 367-382
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Can local communities afford full control over wildlife conservation? The case of Zimbabwe (2020)

Ntuli. H, Muchapondwa. E, Okumu. B
Journal of Choice Modelling, Vol. 37
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Chinese control over African and global mining-past, present and future (2020)

Ericsson. M, Löf. O, Löf. A
Mineral Economics, Vol. 33, nr. 1-2, SI, s. 153-181
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Connectivity at a cost (2020)

Economic dynamics of restoring habitat connectivity
Akpalu. W, Stage. J
Natural Resource Modeling