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Automatiseringen och jobben då och nu (2020)

Grafström. J
Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol. 48, nr. 2, s. 81-84
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Introduction (2020)

Dahl. C, Ericsson. M
Mineral Economics

Meeting challenges in forestry: improving performance and competitiveness (2020)

Lundmark. R, Lundgren. T, Olofsson. E, Wenchao. Z
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Natural Capital Accounting for Land in Rwanda (2020)

Nishimwe. G, Rugema. D, Uwera. C, Graveland. C, Stage. J, Munyawera. S, et al.
Sustainability, Vol. 12, nr. 12
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Perception towards Multi-loop Aquaponic System in Mauritius (2020)

Structural Equation Modelling
Ramesh. V, Jaunky. V
Test Engineering and Management, Vol. 83, nr. March - April, s. 399-407
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Priorities and Preferences in Water Quality Management (2020)

a Case Study of the Alsterån River Basin
Ek. K, Persson. L
Water resources management, Vol. 34, nr. 1, s. 155-173