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Connectivity at a cost (2021)

Economic dynamics of restoring habitat connectivity
Akpalu. W, Stage. J
Natural Resource Modeling, Vol. 34, nr. 1
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COVID-19 (2021)

From health crises to food security anxiety and policy implications
Chiwona-Karltun. L, Amuakwa-Mensah. F, Wamala-Larsson. C, Amuakwa-Mensah. S, Hatab. A, Made. N, et al.
Ambio, Vol. 50, nr. 4, s. 794-811
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Editorial (2021)

Ericsson. M
Mineral Economics, Vol. 34, nr. 1, s. 1-2
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Establishing local biogas transport systems (2021)

Policy incentives and actor networks in Swedish regions
Lundmark. R, Anderson. S, Hjort. A, Lönnqvist. T, Ryding. S, Söderholm. P
Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol. 145

Klimatpolitiska rådets rapport 2021 (2021)

Kuylenstierna. J, Hermansson. C, Bäckstrand. K, Eckerberg. K, Kåberger. T, Rummukainen. M, et al.
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Meeting Challenges in Forestry (2021)

Improving Performance and Competitiveness
Lundmark. R, Lundgren. T, Olofsson. E, Zhou. W
Forests, Vol. 12, nr. 2
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Public awareness and perception towards conservation of Mauritian Flying Fox (Pteropus niger) (2021)

Structural equation modelling
Ramesh. V, Jaunky. V
Materials Today, Vol. 37, nr. part 2, s. 2269-2278
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Recreation demand and pricing policy for international tourists in developing countries (2021)

evidence from South Africa
Mukanjari. S, Muchapondwa. E, Demeke. E
Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy
Conference paper

The tourist experience (2021)

Modelling the relationship between tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty
Ramesh. V, Jaunky. V
Part of: International Conference on Newer Trends and Innovation in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, s. 2284-2289, Elsevier, 2021