Day of psychiatric nursing in focus

Published: 13 May 2015

On International Nurses Day on May 12 are arranged Health Professionals in Norrbotten together with County Council of Norrbotten and Luleå University a full day of psychiatric nursing.

– It is important to highlight the nurse's role and importance of mental health services, but also point out the difficulties and challenges, says Sebastian Gabrielsson, PhD student in nursing at Luleå University.

During the International Nurses Day attended over 60 nurses from various businesses in the county. They had the opportunity to discuss and take note of the current nursing research.

From the Department of Health participated Sebastian Gabrielsson and Git-Marie Ejneborn Looi, both psychiatric nurses and graduate students.

Based on its own research on nursing in psychiatric inpatient lectured on the "nurse opportunities and challenges in psychiatry."

– It it very valuable for us to meet and discuss with the nurses who are clinically active, says Git-Marie Looi, a doctoral student in nursing at Luleå University.