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Professor Siv Söderberg.

The only Swedish among world-renowned scientists

Published: 16 May 2013

Siv Söderberg is the only Swedish researchers in nursing who has written a chapter in the new method book Routledge International Handbook of Qualitative Nursing Research. Together with the leading researchers in the world she contributes with a chapter in the book to be used for educational purposes worldwide.

Professor Siv Söderberg, the Department Health, LTU, was asked via email the spring of 2011 to write a chapter for the new Handbook of qualitative research methods in nursing. The question came from Professor Cheryl Tatano Beck, renowned researcher in Nursing. Now the book is published and includes chapters from 50 renowned researcher worldwide.
- I feel incredibly honored to be in the collection of these researchers that I read about when I was a graduate student. They are world-renowned scientist and I feel proud to be included in this company, says Siv Söderberg.

The book is a new method book in qualitative research with a specialism in nursing and is used around the world for educational purposes. Even at LTU, the book will be used in the master's program in Nursing.

Siv was asked to summarize her research on women with chronic pain and their lives. Her research started in 1995, which she has further developed over the years. The chapter is called Using qualitative methods to describe the experience of living with long-term pain.
- It shows that my research brought attention and how important it is to publish nationally and internationally.