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More nurses are employed as teachers

Published: 3 December 2015

Luleå University of Technology is one of the countrys universities that has the most professional nurses related to the clinical education for nurses and specialist nurses. The university is now about to sign further agreements with the municipalities in Kalix, Piteå and Boden.

– It is very important for us that our students get good supervision and assessment during their clinical education. To connect more municipalities and active nurses to our educations we ensure the quality, says Åsa Engström, assistant professor of Nursing at Luleå University of Technology.

Improve the educations quality

Today, there are 14 adjunct clinical lecturers, professionals nurses, from Norrbotten County Council and the municipality of Luleå. The new agreements mean that more students can be guaranteed a clinical education in more municipalities with clinical lecturers to ensure the quality, secure examinations and assesses the achievement of objectives.

– We are exceptionally good at collaboration and are well advanced to build a comprehensive organization that is sustainable over time. To educate new employees to supervise students is part of our core businesses, says Christina Aasa Bygdell, Education Strategist at Norrbotten County Council.

The requirements for being employed as adjunct clinical lecturer is to have a master's degrees in Nursing, supervisor training, relevant specialist education and experience in tutoring or teaching. Those who are employed as adjunct clinical lecturers have the mandate as part of the duties as a nurse.

Workshop with focus on consensus

For the students to get a high quality of their clinical education a workshop is organized each semester at the university for all supervisors, clinical lecturers and teachers on the programs. The purpose is to talk about consensus, how students can be supported to translate theoretical knowledge into clinical practice and other issues that improve the clinical education.

– These days are important for getting more knowledge and evolve in the process of teaching and the assessment of students in their clinical education. But also to discuss and reflect on their experiences, says Åsa Engström.

Students are the future

Victoria Groth, a nurse in the palliative care unit at Sunderby Hospital, is one of the clinical lecturers who participated in the workshop held during the fall semester. She feels that the workshop is incredibly important to get a common understanding of the mission and be able to discuss various issues.

– Even unit managers and other managers who are concerned should come here. Just because they are part of creating space for tutoring and ensure they understand the importance of receiving students and create good conditions. The students are the future, says Viktoria Groth.

Unique number of clinical lecturers

Right now work is underway to take the next step which is the introduction of adjunct clinical senior lecturers for quality ensure assessments at the advanced level. They will also be a support to the adjunct clinical lecturers and be linked to the university´s education and research.

– We are constantly working to increase the quality of the programmes and in the autumn we hope we have clinical senior lecturers linked to the programs. In the current situation we already unique in the country in terms of the number of clinical lecturers, which we are very proud of, but we want to get even better, says Åsa Engström.


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