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Basel Kikiha, researchers in nursing at the Department of Health. Photo: Private.

Researchers nominated for the regional final in Venture Cup

Published: 15 December 2014

On December the 16th, the regional final of Sweden's largest entrepreneur competition, Venture Cup, is held in Acusticum in Piteå. Basel Kikhia, researchers in nursing, has teamed up with researchers in Pervasive and Mobile Computing and developed the product Memorizon. A product that has a chance of winning the category of Life Science & Technology and also become the overall winner, which together receives SEK 100 000.

What is Memorizon?

– Memorizon is a new company that manufactures products in the healthcare field. The main product of the company is a lifelogging system, Memorizon, which can be used by people to log their daily lives and help them discuss their life experiences. The target group is people with mild dementia and people with autism.

What is special Memorizon?

– Memorizon is unique because it provides an ICT-tool based on reminiscence therapy, a recognized method to manage symptoms of cognitive impairment. Reminiscence therapy is based on discussing the day's activities with a relative or a carer, which makes it easier to remember parts of the day.
The system collects data during the day and logs important information about people, places and activities. This is done by a camera worn by the user and takes pictures automatically. Then the software Review Client is used, which is installed in a PC or laptop, to analyze the collected images, split them in activities and presents them to the user and carer in an organized manner.

Activities can be reorganized, changed and named. It is then stored in a database that enables users to share their life experiences. The user can also revoke all previous activities of life, based on people, places and time.

Why is this product needed?

– People with cognitive impairment, such as mild dementia and autism have difficulties talking about their everyday life and share their experiences. These difficulties lead to more isolation and depression for these people, and it creates a social burden when they communicate with others. Some people with cognitive impairment rely on memory aids and images to help them compensate their cognitive problems. The product Memorizon can reduce isolation and depression, and improve the quality of their lives.

What would it mean to win, both the category and maybe be the overall winner?

– To win a Venture Cup will enforce our business forward and help us establish a first step into the market. There is no doubt that the winner will receive great attention from the media, which will increase the value of the product.

The product was developed in cooperation between the research subjects nursing and Pervasive and Mobile Computing. How has the cooperation worked and how important is it to cooperate across borders?

– It was a successful factor to have researchers from both the technical and clinical domains. This assured a product with good technical characteristics and was accepted by end users. The development was done by the technical team and validation was performed by the clinical team.

If you win, how will you spend the money?

– The winning money would help us cover some basic travel cost when we start launching the product and want to reach our customers around Sweden. We may also require external expertise to assist us in planning of sales and marketing.

The project includes the Basel Kikhia and Stefan Sävenstedt, researchers in nursing, as well as Josef Hallberg, Niklas Karvonen, Johan Bengtsson, researchers in Pervasive and Mobile Computing.