Nursing programs discuss the future

Published: 9 December 2015

On 7 December, the nursing programs in Sweden met on their annual National Forum in Stockholm. The purpose was to discuss shared educational and quality issues. Organizer of the day was Luleå University of Technology.

– The forum is important to get input on how we can work with different issues and take part of opportunities and obstacles other universities face. A common question is, for example, how do we solve tutoring and assessment of students during their clinical education in the best way when we shall educate more nurses and specialist nurses, says Åsa Engström, assistant professor of Nursing.

Swedish Society of Nursing and its new chairman Ami Hommel started the day by presenting herself and their future work and visions. Inger Jansson, Chairman of the National Final Clinical Examination, continued and presented their work, where 16 of the country's 24 universities for nursing education are included.

Other issues that came up during the day was tomorrow's nurses; where they will be active and what abilities and skills should they posess?

Luleå University of Tecknology was represented by Malin Olsson, Birgitta Lindberg and Åsa Engström, who presented their ongoing work about the future nurse.

On january 20, Ami Hommel, new chairman of the Swedish Society of Nursing, will visit Luleå University of Technology and meet with teachers and students as well as take part of the University's simulation facilities used by many of the faculty's programmes.

Text and photo: Åsa Engström