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Anna-Maria Ek och Marcus Björling.jpg
Anna-Maria Ek, Health Solutions, controls blood pressure on Marcus Björling. Photo: Asa Engstrom

Lifestyle Improvement with phone and web support

Published: 13 March 2013

During a year has the Lifestyle project been going on and this week takes the last samples of the participants. The project aims to provide an opportunity to improve their life situation and then evaluate what phone and web support contributed to improving the outcome.

- I think the best thing about the project for me has been to be able to bounce ideas with someone professional. And the regularity of meetings and data collection on the web has led to a continuous reflective of my stressful situation, says Marcus Björling, one of the participants in the project.

Regardless of time and place

In the project has 196 people in Luleå county and from Luleå University of tehnology participated. They have all had an elevated BMI and a willingness to make a lifestyle change in terms of diet, exercise, stress, sleep or smoke and alcohol habits.

During the project, all participants received personal support and advice from a professional nurse or health advisor via phone and web.

- The purpose of providing support and advice via phone and web is that it should be independent of time and place, rather than to make an appointment to meet, says project manager Åsa Engström.

With six motivational interviewing has the participant's lifesituation been planned and targets settled.

Participants also had to fill in a health diary on the web reiterated by the motivational talks.

"Everyone has made a lifestyle improvement"

At the project's start and end, the participants got their BMI, weight, blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure and waist and hip measurements checked out. After six months, a survey was made and 96 percent had improved their lifestyle.

- In general, all the participants has made ​​any kind of lifestyle improvement. How big it is, we will see when we compile and measure the values ​​we have, says Anna-Maria Ek, Head of Health Solutions.

Interviews should be done with a number of participants. The compilation will result in scientific papers where phone and web support is evaluated based on a lifestyle-enhancing perspective.

The project is a collaborative project between Luleå University of Technology, Centre for Innovation and e-health (EIC), Luleå and Health Solutions AB, Luleå, Sweden / Stockholm.