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Nature-based care for treatment of stress

Published: 27 April 2020

Nature-based Care is the focus of the Nordic NaBS project, which is conducted at Luleå University of Technology. Now a number of companies have entered – – We know that Nature-Based Activities reduce the level of stress and have a positive impact on health, Gunilla Johansson, PhD student at the Department of Health Sciences, says.

The aim of the Nordic NaBS project, New Nordic Nature Based Service Models, is to investigate how entrepreneurs in the natural resources industry can collaborate with different actors. In addition to Luleå University of Technology, the project also includes universities and colleges in Finland and Region Norrbot
Participants have earlier been involved in workshops, which included, among other things, collaboration between companies and others in the healthcare, social care and educational sectors. Since then, the companies in question have worked with Service Design, about what they want to offer and to whom.

– I am writing a doctoral dissertation on Nature-Based Care for stress-related ill-health and I am also participating in this project. The interest in Nature-Based Services is increasing as a counterbalance to all technology and the expectation of being connected, says Gunilla Johansson, who is a doctoral student in nursing.

Practical experiments

Now the project has gone a step further where practical experiments with companies are carried out. One of them is Morrringens AB, green health and care in Boden, which is run by Nina Vikström. She already has activities in green care, such as recreation and rehabilitation for people who need work rehabilitation, job training, work investigation, internship or training.

– I have a great exchange of Nordic NaBS. I meet others from similar companies. I want to try the idea of ​​forest bathing, a service I hope to sell to the Rgion Norrbotten, in the first place. It should become an obvious part of rehabilitation and be given on prescriptions, Nina Vikström says.
Forest bathing means going out into the forest with guidance to use all the senses. Research has shown that it reduces stress and increases well-being. Gunilla Johansson says that a total of nine companies in Nature-Based care will participate, distributed over three terms.

– The purpose is to develop business models in Green Care that fits our part of the country, not at least during the parts of the year that we have snow, Gunilla Johansson says.