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Studies on intensive care at covid-19 are intensified

Published: 16 March 2021

A research project at Luleå University of Technology on what happens when patients are cared for in a respirator due to Covid-19 is now being expanded.
– We have seen that the IVA nurses have an increased workload. In addition to caring for many patients with a new type of disease that makes special demands, they have introduced new staff who have come in to strengthen, says Anna Nordin, researcher.

The studies that have begun at Luleå University of Technology on respirator care at covid-19 will be deepened and expanded.
Maria Andersson and Anna Nordin, who both have doctorates in nursing intensive care and work at Karlstad University, have been employed at 25 percent each at Luleå University of Technology as post-doctors.
– Among other things, they will work on this research project. For a year, to begin with, says Åsa Engström, professor of nursing, at Luleå University of Technology.

Northern and central Sweden

To date, Anna Nordin has been granted SEK 1.3 million in research funding from the Research Cooperation Region Värmland and Karlstad University, with Maria Andersson and Åsa Engström, among others, as co-applicants.
The purpose is to investigate how intensive care nurses experience the introduction of new employees and the supervision of specialist nursing students in intensive care, during the current pandemic. The terms of the department heads are also included in the study. In addition, experiences of being an intensive care specialist nursing student and conducting VFU during an ongoing pandemic must be included in the study. Several hospitals are relevant in the survey, mainly in northern and central Sweden.
–  Another application for research funding has now been submitted by Maria Andersson, says Åsa Engström.

Analyzes are carried out

Maria Andersson and Anna Nordin, like Åsa Engström, have their own experience of working as an intensive care nurse. All three have also researched intensive care from different perspectives.
In their employments at Luleå University of Technology, which began on March 1, Maria Andersson and Anna Nordin will also participate in the doctoral program in nursing.
The entire research project, which consists of studies on experience and learning, is about how staff, patients and relatives experience intensive care at covid-19. Materials have been collected in three of the sub-studies, now the studies will be deepened and analyzes carried out.

Traumatic experiences

The patients have testified about traumatic experiences after the care in the respirator, with violent dreams, relatives have told about how difficult it is not to be able to visit the patient due to the risk of infection.
– Now we have 13 interviews with patients, 13 interviews with relatives and around ten with staff. But there we chose to stop due to the increased spread of infection, there will be a continuation and deepening here as well, says Åsa Engström.

Learn lessons

Maria Andersson focuses on lessons learned and experiences among the intensive care nurses.
– What lessons can we learn from having worked in this pandemic? This is a unique situation and we want to see what it is that makes many people choose to continue in the profession. It is a shortage and there is a need for more intensive care nurses, she says.
The learning project includes two more people at Karlstad University and the Värmland Region, Mona Persenius and Angelica Fredholm. Ulrica Strömbäck and Päivi Juuso at Luleå University of Technology, all researchers, are also involved in the project on experiences of intensive care at covid-19.

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