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Research RIDE - Relations, Identity and Diversity in Education

Published: 9 March 2011

Scientific Director: Professor Eva Alerby

The research group was formed in 2009/2010 RIDE and focuses concepts relationships, identity and diversity in the learning sphere. These concepts are highlighted and discussed from both theoretical and empirical perspective, with a bearing on learning in the broadest sense. Within RIDE examined learning conditions and requirements by, inter alia, to study phenomena such as time and space, but also physicality and value questions. It is common for RIDE's research field is that the concepts of relationships, identity and diversity are highlighted and discussed in relation to various phenomena associated with learning.

In the current situation included the following research projects in RIDE's area;

  • 'School sucks' or ...? Giving voice to children and adolescents experience psychosocial health of their learning environment, CES, VR
  • Desert and Ice - Learning Without Boundaries, Institutional Grants, STINT
  • Technology and learning in preschool and school context, LTU & Luleå
  • Seven PhD project - technology and learning (2), grading and assessment, learning focused sustainable development, preschool learning processes, learning focused ICT and media, psychosocial health in schools

The group currently consists of one professor, five research active lecturers and seven doctoral students. RIDE's core business is based on scientific seminars. Research team members regularly publishes scientific papers in national and international magazines, will present and discuss papers at scientific conferences both nationally and internationally and publishes books, research reports, lic .- and doctoral dissertations.