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Workshop on the Future study enviroment

Published: 17 April 2015

Luleå University of Technology has set a goal to have the best student environment in 2017. As part of this work a workshop was recently organized with students from the university who got to express their wishes for the future study environment.

- To achieve the university's goal of becoming Sweden's best student environment, students are obvious actors. To listen to their experiences and visions are therefore important and valuable, something that we had the opportunity to during the workshop, says Professor Eva Alerby which together with Ulrika Bergmark, assistant professor, is leading the project University student environment - the relationship between people and the university's spatial design. A study that has the overall aim to highlight and develop understanding and knowledge of the university's student environment.

Take advantage of the climate

The workshop was conducted two exercises: a brainstorming session where the students pointed out the university's most attractive places and wrote down key words that formed the basis for a joint discussion. Next, the students created a collage where they got portray their visions of the university's future environments. There emerged wishes for everything from student apartments in skyscrapers to "hang" surfaces and creative learning environments.

- I also believe it is important to take advantage of the winter climate and try to get even more Norrland snuggle up in the student environment, says Per Lund student who reads Systems Science. Lisa Andersson studying Bachelor of Engineering Design wanted more space to the university's fraternities.

- Overall I think it is important premises for both interaction but also secluded study areas where students can study in peace and quiet.

Important to have a vibrant campus

Eva Alerby feel happy with the students' contributions and stressed the importance of an attractive study enviroment.

- Basically, it is about creating a vibrant campus with an inspiring atmosphere for both students and staff.

A similar workshop for university teachers will be held in Dubai on 29 April.



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