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About CompTest

Publicerad: 5 juli 2018

CompTest is a series of conferences which brings together academics and industrial communities working on modelling and characterization of composite materials and structures. The main topics of CompTest within testing and model identification for structural fibre-reinforced composites:

  • Model development and validation
  • Advanced experimental techniques
  • Simulation of structural composites

This conference series has been inspired by European Conferences on Composite Testing and Standardization (CTS). After the CTS series ended a conference with a similar emphasis on composites testing (CompTest) was organized in Châlons-en-Champagne, France in January 2003, with the scope further expanded to include model identification. The last three CompTest conferences have been held in Aalborg (Denmark, 2013), Madrid (Spain, 2015) and Leuven (Belgium, 2017). The 9th International Conference on Composite Testing and Model Identification, CompTest – 2019, will be hosted by Luleå University of Technology on 27-29th May in Kulturens Hus in Centre of Luleå, Sweden.